Video Templates for Business

Scale your marketing with ready-made video templates for business. Choose a template, send us your logo, and showcase your video on your website and social media.

Elevate your pest control business and connect with your audience like never before with our engaging 2D animated video template. Designed specifically for the pest control industry, this template tackles

Whet the appetites of your customers and transport them to your flavorful world with our Pizza Shop 2D Animated Video Template. Tailored specifically for pizzerias, this template serves up a

Templates FAQs

You don't have my business type, can you add it?

Yes, reach out to us through the contact form and we can add your business type to our template store.

What customisation options are available for templates?

To keep prices low, we offer a limited range of customisation options including your logo and brand colours. However, some templates include a customisation option to change the video to your liking?

How easy is it to use the templates?

Our business video templates are available in multiple sizes which makes it easy to use on your website, YouTube, and social media, even if you have minimal experience with video. 

What is the resolution and quality of the final video?

We deliver our templates videos in high-quality and max resolution, ensuring a professional finish for your projects.

Can I use the template for commercial purposes?

Of course! Just like our custom videos, our licensing allows for full commercial use, giving you the flexibility to use the templates for your business projects. 

What is included in the purchase price?

The template purchase price includes access to the template, necessary files,  resolutions, and any additional assets mentioned in the product description.

Can I order the same template in a different lanugage?

Yes, we will provide the template in a different language at no extra charge. Please contact us before ordering to check availability. 

Do you offer assistance if I encounter issues?

We work hard to deliver an amazing product. Whilst issues are rare, we are available to answer any questions you may have during the template editing process.

Can I reuse the template for multiple projects?

Yes, you can reuse the template for multiple projects. However, our professional template videos are so beautiful, you’ll probably want more than one!

Do I need any special software to edit the template?

You don’t require any software as we add your logo and contact details for you. If you do want to edit any standard editing platform will work.

Where can I post my completed video?

You can post your completed video on various platforms including social media, websites, YouTube, and other online channels. We recommend following each platform’s sizing guidance to make sure your videos appear correctly. 

Can I get a different accent on the voice over?

Absolutely! If you need a different accent, just let us know. English accents include American, British, Australian, Irish or Canadian accent at no extra charge. Just contact us before buying and let us know what you’re looking for.

I love the template, can I customise it for an additional fee?

Of course! We offer a €499 customisation option for most business videos. Simply choose Custom Video + All Sizes  to change the script, add client-provided video footage, or different call to action. After purchase, simply contact us to share your desired changes.